Where are we going?

Everyday my 1 year old daughter, Emily, takes a two hour nap and my son and I get to spend time together, just us.  Martin is 3 and three quarters and was going to start preschool this fall but with a global pandemic we decided to wait a year.  

My husband is an elementary music teacher and is a firm believer in structure.  So everyday over the summer I would work from home and my husband would hang out with the kiddos in the morning.  The boys started a routine that really helped Martin thrive. 

Emily would go to sleep, Martin would watch a 30 minute educational video about sight words, basic math or phonetics.  He has an erasable workbook where he is practicing writing letters or tracing basic shapes.  Then once those two things were done Daddy and Martin would play Switch together till Emily woke up typically 45 minutes to an hour later…. 

Let it be known, I love video games.  I played with my older brother growing up.  My husband and I played countless hours of Playstation 3 while we were dating.  To this day, we all play our own games on one of the many different consoles in our house.  

That being said, I wanted to do more with our time and I had an idea.  We are a white middle class family and Martin is not exposed to much if any diversity simply because of where we live.  And that is not okay.  I want him to be exposed to the music, culture, food and people from all around the world! 

So. I bought a world map, a pack of star stickers and an international kids cookbook and came up with a plan:

  1. Every week Martin will pick a country
  2. I will get the weekend to research, plan and get anything we might need
  3. Mondays will be an introduction to the week’s country
  4. Tuesdays will be cuisine- Martin loves to ‘make recipes’ with me so he will be donning his apron and joining me in the kitchen!
  5. Wednesdays will be music and art (my husband and I are both musicians so we had to include this!)
  6. Thursdays will be craft day- bring on the glitter!! Seriously, Martin LOVES glitter! 
  7. Friday will change week to week, it may be learning a traditional dance, learning words in a new language, going to a cultural center or museum, or I may double up if I find two great recipes or more than one awesome craft
  8. Then Saturday Martin will pick a new country and we will repeat! 

Who knows how this will go, but if you’re interested I hope you will join us! I will provide craft instructions and recipes so that you and your littles can join us in your own home on our adventure.

Let’s go discover the world from home! 

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