Australia: Monday

Our first country is Australia and I have to be honest he picked an easy country to start with.  Easy for me anyway because my awesome older brother and his amazing family live in Australia! 

Martin is only half a year older than his cousin Lucy and they are the best of friends!  So we are already pretty immersed in the Australian culture in our house.  We already have 8 or so books about or from Australia and we listen to the Wiggles all. the. time!  

So I was excited when he picked the land down under as our first country! 

So what did we do today? 

I thought it would be fun to start our day by reading two books all about the different animals in Australia. 

Fun fact: Did you know that quite a few of the most venomous and largest versions of different animals in the world all live in Australia, including 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes?!

I asked Martin what kinds of animals we have outside of our house, so we talked about cats, dogs, squirrels and birds.  Then we read Australian Animals and Over in Australia where we learned about koalas, emus, galahs and lorikeets.  

We also learned about Wombats. Wombats are delightful characters who like to sleep, dig and eat the occasional treat. A staple book in our house is Diary of a Wombat and it is adorable! If you haven’t read it before, do yourself and your children a favor and add this to your library. It is just so stinking cute!

So we pretended we were wombats.  I made a tunnel out of sofa cushions leaning up against the sofa on the floor.  I then put blankets and small pillows at the entrance and pretended to ‘dig’ through the soft things to make a cozy hole.  He backed out, we replaced the pillows and blankets and dug it out again.  It was tons of fun as we each tried to climb into the hole and inevitably it turned into a tickle attack (I can’t help myself, I love his little giggles).  

Martin LOVES to paint and I’m ashamed I don’t facilitate it more.  So I decided we were going to paint the Australian flag with red and blue paint, a white canvas and some painters tape.  

He loved it! no surprise really but he loved the painting and he LOVED removing the tape.  This craft was tricky only because applying the tape was tedious and time consuming.  Also we messed up at one point and had to go back over it, so that added a step.  In the end it looks really cool and I think this will become a regular thing, painting the flag.

Today was a blast, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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