Australia: Thursday

G’day it’s Craft Day! I knew what I wanted to do today from the moment Martin picked Australia.  Ever since I was first exposed to Australian culture I fell in love with Aboriginal Dot Paintings.  

Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia. 

According to “Before Indigenous Australian art was ever put onto canvas the Aboriginal people would smooth over the soil to draw sacred designs which belonged to that particular ceremony.

Body paint was also applied which held meanings connected to sacred rituals.  These designs were outlined with circles and encircled with dots.

Uninitiated people never got to see these sacred designs since the soil would be smoothed over again and painted bodies would be washed. This was not possible with paintings.

Aboriginal artists abstracted their paintings to disguise the sacred designs so the real meanings could not be understood by Westerners.”  

It is important to note that painting and selling dot paintings is disrespectful outside of the aboriginal communities.  These painting depict sacred things that are connected to personal tribes so we are teaching appreciation and not replication.  

For today’s craft I found some simple outlines of Australian animals on the internet and printed them out on white card stock.  I gave Martin 8 different paint colors each with a q-tip.  He did a great job at first dotting his kangaroo but soon ‘3’ took over and he rubbed the paint everywhere.  My picture might have been the only ‘dot’ picture but he had a blast and was exposed to a new art style and for me, that is a major win! 

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