Italy: Introduzione

Welcome to week 2!  This week Martin has selected the boot in the Mediterranean…


I had the pleasure of visiting Italy my Jr year of College while studying abroad.  I was continuing my studies in Paris and then on the weekends me and two friends travelled.  It is still one of the best seasons of my life!  I look forward to being able to do that again but with my husband and children- the train rides alone I know they will all love! Some day… 

Photo by Daniel Frese on

When I went, we started in Venice, then we went to Rome and finished our trip in Florence before heading off to Spain.  Italy was one of those unique places that I was not prepared for just how old it was.  As an American you forget that you can walk along streets that were made thousands of years ago- as a history nerd, it blows my mind! 

Photo by Oleg Magni on

I love Italy but remember, Martin picks the countries, not me.  So why did he pick it?


Mario and Luigi. 

Like, from Nintendo…

When we first got the map he was so excited he spent all his time asking us about different places around the world and how they were connected to the things he loves.  So one day he asked where Mario is on the map- we pointed out New York City.  We then told him that Mario and Luigi are Italian-Americans so originally, their family came from Italy.  So.  There you have it. 

Why are we doing a beautiful and culturally diverse country with a long and rich history?

Nintendo’s Mario Bros. 

I introduced him to Italy with an awesome song all about the country followed by a video about venice put out by National Geographic Kids:

Then came craft time! I decided to do paper weaving since the flag is simple (at least compared to last weeks Australian Flag) so I wanted to do more than paint… well turns out paper weaving is above Martin’s ability and patience level.  I cut strips of red and green paper, then folded the white so that the outside edges met in the middle. I then cut wavy slits, being careful not to cut too deep. Next I used the colored paper to weave the flag. I had fun but Martin just spent his time cutting the scrap paper into tinier and tinier pieces.

So a few days later we tried again, this time with paint. Well, I must have been tired because I managed to lead him in making the Hungarian flag instead of the Italian flag *face palm*

Thankfully Martin loves to cut and we had painted it on thick paper, so he ‘cut’ the flag so that we could correct our mistake.

I think we are going to stick to painting the flags in the future, since even a simple design has its challenges.

I’m excited to see where the rest of week goes, “let’s a go!” or “andiamo”! 

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