Brazil: Apresentar

We are off to South America! Martin has chosen a bright colorful, flavorful country that I can’t wait to learn more about, Brazil!

Why did Martin pick Brazil? Brigadeiros. What is brigadeiros? a cousin to the chocolate truffle covered in rainbow sprinkles…. is anyone upset about this? not me!

Brigadeiros “brig-ah-dare-oh”

Last week we were perusing his international cookbook and stumbled upon a recipe with rainbow sprinkles. I need to pause here to inform you of Martin’s deep love for all things rainbow and specifically his love for rainbow sprinkles. As far as he is concerned everything is better with rainbow sprinkles… and you know? he’s not wrong.

So this week, Martin picked the country thanks to the recipe but more about that in another post.

We set out to paint the flag and so far I have not simplified any of the designs but the time came this week and we made a simplified Brazilian flag. We used:

  1. Green and yellow paint
  2. 1 piece of paint paper
  3. 1 piece of dark blue origami paper, cut into a circle
  4. a white crayon
  5. painters tape
  6. paint brush

I taped off a diamond shape for Martin to paint the green and then yellow of the flag. Once it was dry we took the tape off but unfortunately the tape kept pulling off paint which was very frustrating but I was able to doctor it up during Martin’s afternoon nap with relative ease.

Finally I drew a white arch on the blue circle before taping it on and our simplified Brazilian flag was complete!

You may ask what we left off… well, the white arch should have the words “Ordem e Progresso” in it, which mean ‘Order and Progress’. Then there should be 27 stars in the blue circle that represent the night sky’s constellations as well as the 26 states and federal district in the Republic of Brazil. I think we did pretty well!

FUN FACT: both BraZil and BraSil are correct spellings for this country! Brazil is the spelling in English and Brasil is the spelling in Portuguese (the national language). The reason is because of how we pronounce sounds in these different languages- in Portuguese “s” is pronounced “z” when it’s sandwiched between vowels. In English “s” is rarely if ever pronounced “z” so in order to pronounce the name correctly English speakers adopted the “z”. So there you have it, Brazil and Brasil 🙂

One of the quintessentially Brazilian styles of music is Bossa Nova, you hear it and you are transported! As I’ve said a few times before the best way to introduce new music is to have your child listen to it while they play. So to round out our introduction to Brazil, we enjoyed some Brazilian Bossa Nova while pretending to battle bowser… this is my life.

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