Mexico: Fútbol y Arte

The most popular sport in Mexico is football or soccer as we call it in America. They have a deep love of historically significant sports like Charreria which inspired American rodeos. The country is also large enough that there are popular sports in different regions, like in the north they love baseball. But in the end regardless of where you are in Mexico fútbol is extremely popular.

Sometimes when learning about a new country we don’t have to buy or learn something from scratch. Instead we can learn something new about something we already know and love. Martin has a net and soccer ball that we’ve spent many a day playing with outside over the summer. Thankfully the weather was still warm and we were able to go out and play soccer as a family!

Craft time!

Mexican folk art has a unique blend of vibrant colors sometimes highlighted by a black background.

Just beautiful! So I wanted to create something colorful with Martin and I had grand plans of adding black paint but I learned quite quickly that this craft was a bit above his ability level….

ah well.

We still had fun even if I made most of it (as fast as humanly possible so that I didn’t have a massive mess to clean up!). We cut small pieces of tissue paper and put them in a bowl.

Next we blew up a balloon and painted it with glue.

Now the messy part! Roll the glue painted balloon in the tissue paper bits. Paint with glue again and repeat. We did 3 layers of tissue paper bits followed 2 layers of tissue paper sheets each with a new layer of glue.

Let it dry over night, pop the balloon and trim the edges if you’d like.

Thats it! If you have older crafters you could add paint once it is dry. I’ve been tempted to go back myself and paint- if I do I’ll share it with you all 🙂

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