Revisit: Italy, Russia and Australia

Inevitably with young children things don’t often go as planned. This weekly project is no different! Every week something that I’ve planned has fallen to the wayside and we never got to do it or make it. So this week we are looking back at the countries we’ve already done and learning something new!


Italy was week 2 and I tried to be fancy with the flag and it failed miserably… you can see it here:

So Martin and I set out to fix our previous blunder and make the flag properly. I used the folding technique that I’ve started using weekly and it worked like a charm. We took our white paint paper and folded in in thirds like a letter. With one end exposed Martin painted it red, I let that dry then he painted the other end green. Wait for it to dry completely, unfold it and you have the Italian flag!

We now have Italian red, white and green stripes hanging proudly with the other flags!


The first man on the moon was American but did you know that the very first man in space was Russian! His name was Yuri Gagarin and in 1961 he made a 108 minute orbital flight in space.

When I think of going to outer space I think of going really fast and do you know what goes really fast?! a rocket!

Martin and I created a rocket out of string, tape, a straw and a balloon. Hours of endless fun and seriously, it’s so simple! Tape the straw to the balloon and thread the string through the straw and tie either end of the string up. Now blow up the balloon, have the necessary countdown, then let go of the balloon. The air escaping the balloon will propel the rocket forward! Martin and I played with this till I was lightheaded from blowing up the balloon so much.

You can even take it one step further and draw a rocket on the balloon 🙂 Sadly I didn’t take any pictures of it all together so instead I drew you a diagram!


The world’s largest coral reef is in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef. A coral reef is a living thing and is sadly tasty to some animals. Specifically the red thorny sea star loves to eat coral and that it the main conflict in The Octonauts and The Great Coral Reef!

I’ve mentioned before that we are big fans of Meomi’s Octonauts books and the Netflix show in our house. They recently came out with a 45 minute musical special all about the Great Barrier Reef.

Martin learned a lot and we’ve been singing the songs around the house 🙂

Bonus fun fact: Did you know you can see the Great Barrier Reef from space?! because you can!

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