Japan: 紹介

This week we are heading to Asia! Due to my husbands influence and request, Martin has chosen Japan! We love Japan in our house, we eat Japanese food fairly regularly and to be honest the vast majority of the content we consume is Japanese.

Japan is a very old country with a complex vast history, with ninja’s and samurai, Geishas, tea ceremonies, festivals, cherry blossom trees and emperors. They are an island country with an active volcano, Mt Fuji, just 60 miles outside of the capital and largest city, Tokyo.

This week we learned all about the past and present Japan. I’ve mentioned before that we like to play video games as a family. We mainly play on the Nintendo Switch, Martin loves Mario and Luigi! Nintendo was created in Japan, as was Mario and all of his friends.

We love Pokémon, Pokémon is also Japanese and was created in Japan. Pokémon shows and movies are in an animation style called Anime- Anime was created in Japan! Quite literally 80% of Martin’s favorite things were created in Japan.

Ninja Workout!

Our current daily routine includes a workout that Martin and I do together in the morning. We use a couple different youtube channels to do either yoga or cardio- this really helps him get out some of his early morning energy. This week we followed a Ninja workout and as weird as the video is, Martin loved the idea of sneaking around like a ninja. We spent the rest of the day sneaking everywhere… I wish this one stuck permanently but he was back to his very loud self the next day… sigh

I will warn you it is very odd but Martin loves these workouts…

The Flag

The Japanese flag is a white rectangle with a red circle in the middle, that’s it. The red circle represents the sun. Japan is located at the most western side of the Pacific Ocean so they get a spectacular uninterrupted view of the sun rise in the east.

For the flag, we cut out a circle from a piece of 8.5 x 11 scrap paper. I made tape curls to secure it underneath. Martin went to town with the red paint, we let it dry, removed the scrap paper and there you go- your Japanese flag is complete!

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