Canada: Introduction

This we week we are visiting our northern neighbors and heading up to Canada! It is fitting, as we had our first snow of the season while I wrote this šŸ™‚

Canada is known as the “Great White North” and rightfully so! As part of the arctic circle, they get plenty of snow and ice. Canada is home to some of the worlds most beautiful mountains and untouched wilderness.

As always, we started by creating the flag. I love the Canadian flag, it has a leaf on it- how cool is that?! Seriously, as a kid I was always fascinated with the Canadian flag. I used to think, that leaf must be really important… and as it turns out, it is!

The Canadian flag is red and white, with two red vertical stripes and a big red maple leaf in a white center.

We started by folding our paper so that only the outside sides were exposed. Martin painted them red while I folded a red piece of paper in half and cut out a maple leaf. Once the paint was dry, we laid the flag flat and glued the leaf in place.


The leaf on the flag is from a maple tree. Did you know that maple syrup comes from maple trees? It does!

Maple farmers collect the tree’s sap in buckets and boil it in big cauldrons, till it is a thick syrup.

We are big fans of PBS kids, they have a free games app and a free video app. Hands down our favorite app combo- its free, has zero ads and is educational! One of the current favorite shows is Elinor Wonders Why- it’s about a young curious bunny and her friends as they learn about nature and science. One such episode “The Syrup Tree” is all about maple syrup! I’ll be honest it was an accident we found it but it turned out to be the best way for Martin to learn about maple syrup production. Hooray for happy accidents!

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