China: 介绍

We are heading east again! I am very excited because this week we are going to the People’s Republic of China!

China is the fourth largest country in the world and is home to the largest population with around 1.4 billion people calling China home. It is also the home of bamboo forests and the giant panda. Pandas are known for their black and white fur and their interesting diet of almost only bamboo.

One of the best ways to introduce new things to young children is by integrating it into their daily routine. Martin is allowed to watch an educational show around lunch time, so we watched a great show all about pandas and their super creature powers!

The Wild Kratts is a show all about animals and the amazing things they can do- you can find it on the PBS kids app for free. We had a lot of fun learning about pandas and their strength as well as how they need to eat all the time! Seriously, Pandas need to eat between 24 and 86 POUNDS of bamboo A DAY! That, is a lot of bamboo.

Chinese Flag

China’s flag is red and yellow- a red background with 4 yellow stars.

To create the flag, we started by painting the top left corner yellow.

Next, we cut out a large star and taped it in the top left corner once the yellow paint was dry. Followed by 4 small star stickers to the right in a semi-circle.

Next, we painted the whole flag red (you may need a second coat of red over the yellow if you can still see it). Once it was dry, we removed the stars and we had a completed People’s Republic of China Flag!

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