New Zealand: Introduction

Happy New Year! To start things off we are on our way to the land of hobbits and kiwis- New Zealand!

To start things off we made the flag and it is very similar to the Australian flag so we used a similar technique. I decided to use a small canvas this week instead of paint paper. I taped off what would stay white, Martin painted the top left corner red. Once that dried I taped over the red sections that needed to stay red. Then he went to town with the blue paint, covering the entire canvas. Once it was all dry, the fun task of peeling the tape began! This reveal was really fun 🙂 To finish it off we added some red star stickers, simply because I could not figure out a way to paint them without it taking forever.

And there you have it! The New Zealand flag!

Craft Time!

Fun fact: Did you know that there are more sheep in New Zealand than people? It’s true! There are approximately 6 sheep to each person who lives in NZ. That number has come way down over the years, in the 80’s it used to be 22 sheep to every 1 resident!

So, Martin and I made our own wooly friend 🙂

Sheep Craft

  • Construction Paper
  • Black or dark colored paper
  • Cotton balls
  • glue
  • white colored pencil or crayon

To make your own sheep draw a simple circle on the construction paper, this will be the child’s guide for the cotton balls.

Place some glue on a paper plate or piece of scrap. Instruct the child to dip the cotton ball in the blue and then to place it in the circle. Repeat till the circle is full.

In the mean time cut out legs and a head.

Use the white colored pencil to draw on eyes. Using the same dip method place on the head and legs. All that’s left, is to name your sheep!

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