Greenland: Introduction

We are heading back to the arctic circle with our next adventure as we go to Greenland! Greenland is the world’s largest island and is in fact not a country but a “self-governing overseas administrative division of Denmark”. It is positioned in between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans and shares a water boarder with Canada, Iceland, and Norway.

I do not know much about Greenland, so I am eager to learn about our new country!

The Flag

The Greenlandic flag is white and red, colors it shares with Denmark. Fun Fact the flag of Greenland is the only nordic country or territory that does not contain the nordic cross.

Since the flag is white and red, all we had to do was cut out what would remain white, tape it in place, and paint the whole thing red.

We traced a circle on some computer paper that was roughly the same size of our flag. I split the circle as well as the rest of the page and then taped down the appropriate areas. Martin had fun painting the whole thing red. Once it was dry, we removed the paper and it was complete!

Arctic Fox Craft

In the arctic circle, there are some adorable white critters who find their home in Greenland. Due to all of the snow, the animals are camouflaged in their white fur. One of my favorite animals is the arctic fox and you can find them in abundance in Greenland!

To make your own, you will need:

  • white paper plate
  • white paper
  • white tissue paper
  • white or colored construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • a colored pencil or crayon

Start by cutting the plate in half, this will be the fox’s body.

Next cut or rip the fox’s face, 4 legs and tail- I drew Martin a template that was very quickly disregarded and I just encouraged him to ‘make a triangle’ or ‘make a long rectangle for the legs’.

Next, attach the head, legs, and tail to the plate with some glue.

Take small pieces of tissue paper, crumple them and then glue to the front to create the white fur.

Finally, add eyes and a nose and mount your fox either on a white background or a colorful one 🙂

Have fun and don’t forget to give your little critter a name!

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