Mongolia: танилцуулга

We are leaving Europe behind and heading East to the land founded by Genghis Khan, Mongolia!

Mongolia is perfectly sandwiched between two distinct and very different countries, China to the South, East, and West and Russia to the North. It is home to the endangered two-humped Bactrian camel as well as the endangered snow leopard. Mongolia is geographically diverse with the Altai mountains to the West and North and the Gobi desert to the South. Some of the most beautiful landscapes can be found in Mongolia!

Flag Craft

Some of the countries we’ve studied so far have flags with basic colors and a simple history or meaning. Not the case in Mongolia. The Mongolian flag consists of three vertical stripes, red on either side to represent thriving for eternity with a blue stripe in the center representing the eternal blue sky. Then in the left red stripe is the Soyombo- which means “self-created” and is the national symbol of Mongolia. The Soyombo represents fire, sun, moon, earth, water and yin and yang.

For this flag, Martin painted the red and blue stripes. I then cut out the Soyombo and glued it in place once the paint was dry.

Yurt Activity

More than one quarter of the Mongolian population is nomadic, which means they move around the countryside in homes that can be dismantled and rebuilt in a new location. The homes commonly used by the nomadic people of Mongolia are called yurts. They are round homes with chimneys and some have solar panels for electricity (pictured below). There are beds, a kitchen area and typically two large central poles holding up the roof.

Martin and I made our own yurt and enjoyed some imaginative play! We positioned some chairs and draped blankets over them to create the walls and roof. Inside we had a ‘kitchen’, a ‘bed’, some books for entertainment, and the required snacks.

While we played I worked in that we needed to move our home, so we dismantled our yurt and moved it into the kitchen and continued to play.

Imaginative play is such a great, free way to introduce your adventurer to other cultures!

When I research each country, sometimes I come across silly things that are still educational. Here is one such thing about what it is like inside a yurt, enjoy!

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