Papua New Guinea: Marine Archeology

During World War II the battle in the Pacific was very important and very tragic. Thousands of locals, soldiers and seamen lost their lives as bombs were dropped, plains crashed into the ocean, and ships were sunk. Today the ocean floor around Papua New Guinea is littered with crash sites.

The scientists who discover and study these underwater sites are marine archeologists. With the help of an interactive art project Martin got to try his hand at underwater discovery!

Marine Archeology Activity

You will need:

  • a white crayon
  • blue water colors
  • thick paper

Start by drawing a treasure map, underwater seascape or anything your heart desires on the paper with the white crayon. Then with the watercolors paint over the crayon to reveal the hidden picture!

When exploring the seafloor, there is an element of surprise when you finally see something. In the same sense, you slowly discover the hidden pictures as you paint!

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