India: होली मयूर

Every year at the beginning of Spring there is a fun and very colorful festival in India- Holi or the Festival of Colors. This celebration is filled with massive crowds, water, and a colorful powder that participants are covered in. To better understand it, here is a video made by National Geographic:

The colors are beautiful and I love how joy filled it all is! I was inspired by Holi and the national animal of India, the peacock to make a beautiful art project.

Holi Inspired Peacock Art Project

This art project uses a technique called string painting. Simply put, you coat string in paint, lay it on your paper, and pull it to reveal a pattern of sorts. Martin and I had very different takes but we both enjoyed it and boy did we use color!

You will need…

  • Thick paper
  • String- One 12″ piece per color per artist
  • Paint (we used glitter paint)
  • Containers to put the paint in
  • optional Craft Sticks, to help push the string into the paint
  • Construction paper

To make your Holi inspired peacock, use the string to create a rainbow of color all over the page- the more color the better! I opted for the zig zag technique- lay the string in a zig zag then pull it straight down creating a tiered tapered effect.

Let your masterpiece dry completely.

Cut out a bowling pin shape for the peacocks body, a triangle for the beak, 3 little feathers for the top of the head, and two small circles for eyes.

Glue them in place and you are all done!

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