Botswana: Introduction

We are staying in Africa this week, but heading south to Botswana!

Fun Facts:
– Botswana is landlocked in between Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.
– Just about 40% of the country is either a national park or wildlife reserve, giving animals plenty of room to roam.
– Botswana is the size of France but only has 2 million people living there compared to France’s 66.9 million.
– Botswana is mostly flat and 70% of the country is covered by the Kalahari desert.

Flag Craft

To start things off, as always, we made the flag. With only light blue, black and white needed, this one is quick and easy.

Start by folding the paper in thirds, then tape over the folds- this will be the white portion.

Paint the top and bottom blue and the center black.

Peel off the tape and you have a completed Flag of Botswana!

Clay Pots

Earthenware clay pots have been made and used in Botswana for centuries. They are typically brown and decorated with beautiful repeated designs. I wasn’t able to get brown clay so we had to settle for white- if you can, make these with brown air dry clay for more authenticity.

You will need…
Air dry clay

We tried a few different techniques and once they dried only the flatten and press together technique stayed together, the snake pot fell apart once it dried. Whats neat is this is also the technique used in Botswana when making clay pots!

To make a flattened pot start with a flat disk- this will be your base.

Next roll some clay out into a snake then flatten it between your fingers so it resembles a piece of ribbon.

Use your fingers to press the ribbon onto the disk or previous ribbon until you have the desired sized pot. If there is a crack or hole you can get your fingers wet and smooth it out.

Once your pots are compete, leave them for 24-48 hours to dry completely.

Optional: paint your dried creations! Fun fact: you can paint air dry clay with water color 🙂

Join the adventure…

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