Colombia: Hojuelas

Once in a while you find a recipe that is passed down by someone’s great grandparents and you know it is going to be good! This is one such recipe 🙂

Hojuelas are like doughnuts but instead of milk there is orange juice in the dough! That’s right, these are orange flavored, fried, fluffy things of love.

The recipe I followed is so good and the story about Christmas in Colombia is a great read- you can find the recipe I used here at

Martin has been doing a great job assisting me when we bake, so I decided to hand him the reins for this recipe!

He did a great job measuring the ingredients and mixing it all together. I even let him cut the rolled out dough- hence the interesting shapes…

I did the frying and we all did the eating 🙂

I was really proud of Martin and I especially loved watching him knead the dough, he has learned so much. These treats were so good and that much more special seeing Martin make them himself ♥️

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