South Africa: Ukuvula

We are off to South Africa! The tip of Africa is hugged by the Atlantic Ocean to the West and the Indian Ocean to the East. It is home to 11 different national languages but 23% of the population speak Zulu. South Africa has 3 different capitols- executive Pretoria, judicial Bloemfontein, and legislative Cape Town.

The oceans around South Africa are home to the big and the small from great white sharks all the way to African penguins. The national animal is the springbok and the national flower is king protea.

South African Flag

This flag is beautiful and I tried really hard to let Martin paint the whole thing regardless of going outside the lines (something we have been working on).

Start by taping the flag.

Paint the bottom portion blue, the top red, and the small left triangle black.

Paint the center “Y” green.

Next peel off the tape and let it dry.

Paint the “V” between the black and green yellow.

You are all done!

Zulu Shield Craft

The Zulu are the largest ethnic group in South Africa and the Zulu language is the most spoken language in South Africa. From 1816-1828 Shaka was the leader of the Zulu and he was a fierce warrior and established the reputation of the brave Zulu Warrior. They fought with spears and body length shields, both of which were effective against early firearms.

So we decided to make our own Zulu shields!

You will need…

  • cardboard
  • varying shades of brown paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • duct tape
  • pencil

Start by drawing an eye shape on the cardboard and cutting it out.

Next cut out strips of brown paper and glue them to the front in two parallel lines.

Finally, secure a duct tape handle on the back and you’re all done!

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