Democratic Republic of Congo: l’ initiation

Happy Easter! We are heading a little north but staying in Africa as we head to our next country- the Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC!

DRC would be completely land locked if not for a 25 mile stretch that touches the Atlantic Ocean. They are not without waterfront since they are home to the Congo river, the second longest river in Africa after the Nile in Egypt. However it is the world’s deepest river, measuring 720ft (220m) deep! That is so deep that you could place 4 Cinderella’s Castles from Disney world on top of each other before reaching the same depth as the Congo.

Congo River Imaginative Play

To help Martin understand the size of this mighty river I gave him a challenge!

You will need…

  • large sheet or blanket for the river
  • blocks
  • smaller toy of any variety

Place the sheet on the floor and explain it is a river with fast moving water. Their toy needs to get across the river. How can they do it? a boat? a bridge? swim?

Encourage them to try different things and let their imaginations fly! We even made a pillow boat and ‘went down the river’ ourselves.

The Democratic Republic of Congo Flag

It wouldn’t be a new country if we didn’t make the flag!

Start by folding your paper on the diagonal.

Paint the center red and the outsides light blue.

I cut out a yellow star and glued that in place then used yellow tape (but this part can easily be painted on) and separated the blue from the red with yellow.

All in all it was fairly simple and I love the lighter blue, it was a great addition to our flag wall šŸ™‚

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