Kazakhstan: таныстыру

We are leaving Africa behind and we are heading North to Kazakhstan! Kazakhstan is home to more than 130 different and unique ethnic groups. They are the largest landlocked country in the world with the longest continuous boarder in the world! Kazakhstan shares a boarder with Russia for 4,668 miles– to put that into perspective the United States is 2,800 miles wide from Pacific to Atlantic Ocean- Kazakhstan is HUGE!

As per tradition we started with the flag and this one is a doozie!

Kazakhstan Flag

The Kazakhstan flag is by far the most intricate out of all of the flags we’ve made so far! Martin and I split the responsibilities, he started by painting the whole flag light blue.

Next came the hard part! I cut out the center of the flag with an exacto knife and stenciled it on when the blue was dry.

Then I free handed the scrolling on the side- not my best work but still very effective.

There you have it! The flag of Kazakhstan.


For a long time it has been believed that horses were domesticated during the bronze age but a recent discovery has challenged that! In Northern Kazakhstan archeologists discovered evidence that horses were domesticated and used by nomads as much as 1,000 years earlier than the bronze age! So we now know that horses were first domesticated in Kazakhstan.

So Martin and I put on our imagination hats and pretended to be horses. We acted like horses, then pretended to care for the horses, and imaginative horse play wouldn’t be complete without a horse ride! So Martin climbed up on my back and we travelled all around the house- next time I need to remember to use knee pads!

We had a lot of fun learning about the early horses of Kazakhstan 🙂

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