Animals: Ethiopia and New Zealand

We have learned about so many different animals, I thought it would be fun to revisit two.


Lion Pillow

Inspired by the national animal of Ethiopia, I thought it would be fun to make a pillow! There is no sewing involved, just some gluing and a whole lot of tying 🙂

You will need….

  • Yellow and White or Orange fabric (I chose yellow cotton and white fleece… because that’s what I already had)
  • Pink and white felt
  • Black fabric paint
  • Batting, pillow filler
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  1. Start by laying your two fabrics on top of one another, good sides facing out, and cut out a circle or square. I used what I had so that dictated the size of my pillow, but it is roughly 24″ by 24″

2. Place a large plate or other heavy circular object in the center of the fabric. Cut slits all the way around (Martin was able to do this cutting with some guidance) be sure to keep the plate in place.

3. Once you have cut all the way around, keep the plate in place as a guide. Now it is time to tie! Going around the whole pillow tie the two matching strands together, this will hold your pillow together and be the lions mane. Be sure to leave 3-5 strands untied so you can add your stuffing, you will tie them later.

4. Next cut out two white ovals for eyes, a large white rounded diamond for the face, a pink heart for the nose, and small pink ovals for the cheeks. Glue these in place, stick your hand into the pillow to make sure that the glue did not seep through to the other side- you don’t want to accidentally glue your pillow together in the center.

5. Now comes the stuffing! Fluff your batting by pulling it apart in your hands before stuffing it into the pillow. Move it round to make the lions face flat and not lumpy. Tie off the open section.

6. Time for the finishing touches! With the black paint add small circles to the eyes, dots next to the nose and an upside T for the mouth.

New Zealand

Fun fact: Did you know that there are more sheep in New Zealand than people? It’s true! There are approximately 6 sheep to each person who lives in NZ. That number has come way down over the years, in the 80’s it used to be 22 sheep to every 1 resident!

So, Martin and I made our own wooly friend 🙂

Sheep Craft

  • Construction Paper
  • Black or dark colored paper
  • Cotton balls
  • glue
  • white colored pencil or crayon

To make your own sheep draw a simple circle on the construction paper, this will be the child’s guide for the cotton balls.

Place some glue on a paper plate or piece of scrap. Instruct the child to dip the cotton ball in the blue and then to place it in the circle. Repeat till the circle is full.

In the mean time cut out legs and a head.

Use the white colored pencil to draw on eyes. Using the same dip method place on the head and legs. All that’s left, is to name your sheep!

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