Sweden: Inledning

We are heading north to Sweden to the land of snow and Ikea! Sweden shares a border with Denmark, Norway and Finland and the northern tip lies within the arctic circle. It is the birthplace of Alfred Nobel who, after his death, created the Nobel Prizes for Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature. These awards are given in Stockholm, Sweden and the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway.

Sweden is also a constitutional monarchy, with a reining King who adheres to the constitution. Carl XVI Gustaf has been the King of Sweden since 1976.

Finally Sweden is home to the world famous Ice Hotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi. The whole thing is carved out of massive blocks of ice that are pulled from a near by river. Every year it’s different as artists and craftsmen carve the ice. It is a sight to behold and can make the long dark winters a bit more fun.

Flag Craft

The Swedish flag is blue with a yellow cross, so grab some painters tape!

Start by taping off the cross.

Paint the whole paper blue.

Peel off the tape.

Fill in the newly exposed white paper yellow.

There you have it, the Swedish flag!


This is my new favorite thing! In Sweden they love to have a fika. What is a fika you may ask? It is a Swedish word that means “a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life” or “coffee with friends”. I’m not making this up- how wonderful does that sound?!

A fika is often enjoyed with coffee and a bakery treat, so it only made sense to make our own Swedish treat 🙂


This is a Swedish cinnamon roll, only better! The dough has a touch of cardamom in it and of course a yummy cinnamon filling. These are also surprisingly easy to make. For the recipe we will turn to Gimme Some Oven, in my opinion, one of the best recipe hubs on the internet.

You can find the recipe for kanelbuller here.

The dough requires adding melted and warmed milk to flour, yeast, sugar, salt and cardamom. The stand mixer does the work and then you leave it to rise for 1 hour.

During that time you can make the cinnamon filling.

Next comes the shaping, roll out the dough, smear on the cinnamon filling. Then fold the dough and cut into strips.

Thankfully the recipe comes with all sorts of helpful tips on how to shape them, I pinched one end between two fingers, twisted it and wrapped the dough around my pinched fingers a couple times before releasing the dough and wrapping some more creating an X. Tuck the end in and you’re done 🙂

Let them rise again, brush with egg and top with pearl sugar. I didn’t have Swedish pearl sugar, I had cheap American sugar pearls… they’re not the same… something I learned after making them. Luckily for us, they still tasted delicious!

Then finally, bake.

Now it is time to put your feet up and enjoy a fika with a good cup of coffee and a warm kanelbuller.

For more cardamom baked goods check out our trip to Greenland!

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