Sweden: Återvinna

Sweden, as a country, is fantastic at recycling! They recycle 99% of their household waste and the last 1% is buried in landfills. They even import waste from other countries to keep their incinerators in operation.

Not only do they take care of the planet by recycling but they are one of the most naturally beautiful places in Europe. From the coastline, to dense forests, adorable towns and dramatic mountains, Sweden is very picturesque.

So to do our part and add more green to our lives we decided to recycle some water bottles and make planters.

Water Bottle Planters

You will need…

  • Empty water bottles
  • Scissors/ box cutter
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Pen

We love Pokémon in our house so we decided to make some Pokémon shaped planters as well as the national animal of Sweden the elk 🙂

Start by sketching out where the ears and antlers will be, then cut the bottles in half or down to a third depending on the size.

Make sure they are dry and then paint! We painted the elk brown and the other will be a bulbasaur so we painted him teal. It took a few coats to throughly cover them- make sure that the previous layer is dry before adding another coat, since you’re painting plastic the wet on wet paint will remove the previous layer.

We were having a lot of fun so we decided to add 4 more smaller Pokémon, for these I just cut the water bottles in half and straight across, I didn’t mess with the ears. We added squirtle (blue), pikachu (yellow), evee (brown) and charmander (orange).

Once the base coats were dry, next came the details- white for the elk’s antlers, black for the eyes, mouth and nose. I slowly worked my way though each Pokémon, adding details to each planter till finally adding paper ears to evee and pikachu.

Planting in the Planters

You will need…

  • Seeds and/or succulents
  • Nutrient rich soil
  • Filler dirt
  • Small rocks

We started by digging in the dirt. I have a flower bed that has a beautiful tree in it and thats it, so I let the kids dig to their hearts content. So we went to our digging spot and gathered up a few buckets of dirt and small rocks. My almost 2 year old got in on the fun, she just loves to dig!

Now to plant- to provide some drainage place some rocks in the bottom of each planter. Top that with some filler dirt and finally the top half with good nutrient rich soil.

Follow the directions on the seed packets for how to plant.

Water and place in a sunny place. For us, it’s the windowsill in the kitchen.

This is what they looked like the day we planted them

… and this is what they look like now, 4 weeks later 🙂

I love having our little recycled friends, they add extra happiness to the kitchen! Not to mention this project was tons of fun and so special that I got to plant the seeds with both of my kiddos.

For more recycled crafts check out our trip to Romania!

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