Côte d’Ivoire: Introduction

We are leaving Europe and heading back to Africa but this time to the west to Ivory Coast or Côte d’Ivoire!

This country is named after what used to be the major trade here, ivory- so much so that it was once referred to as “teeth coast”. Unsurprisingly elephants are abundant (but now protected) and they are the world’s largest exporter of cocoa.

They have never won a gold Olympic medal but they did win silver in 1984 in the men’s 400 meters. They were however, the first black-republic and first non-English speaking country to win an Academy Award in 1976 for the film “Black and White in Color”. Despite having two civil wars they have beautiful beaches and pockets of French architecture can still be seen from their colonial days in 1800’s. In particular in Grand Bassam you can visit the former Governor’s house which is now a costume museum.

The Flag

This flag is simple but fun- if you flip it on its’ head it becomes the Irish flag!

Start by folding the paper in thirds so you have 3 vertical columns.

Paint one side orange and the other side green leaving the middle white.

Then you’re all done! Make sure the orange stripe is on the left 😉


Soccer is the most popular sport in Côte d’Ivoire and their national team have an awesome nickname- the elephants! In 2006 they even made it to the world cup in Germany.

So Martin and I headed outside. We pulled out our net and soccer ball and played several games of 1 on 1 soccer (if that’s even a thing!).

One of things I love about soccer is you don’t need any of the official gear to play the game. If you have some space and a ball of any size you can play soccer or football- so get outside and play!

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