Côte d’Ivoire: Chocolat

Côte d’Ivoire is the largest exporter of cocoa in the world! South America is known for its’ chocolate, from the Mayans to modern chocolate production but it is in fact an African country that exports the most. I love chocolate (I mean who doesn’t?!) and I was happy to have an excuse to make something with chocolate 🙂

Then I found this wonderful website that is also a podcast called “The Storied Recipe”, every podcast guest shares a story and then she makes the recipe and shares it on her blog! Fortunately for us, she interviewed the author and illustrator of a children’s picture book that is all about the author’s grandfather’s cocoa farm in Côte d’Ivoire.

I looked at our local library but sadly I was unable to get a copy of Grandpa Cacao by Liz Zunon. I did however remember that there is a Storybots episode ALL about chocolate. So first we watched the show- Ask the Storybots is on Netflix and the premise of the show is simple- kids ask a question and the Storybots find the answer. This episode is all about chocolate from, the bean pod on the farm to the processing plant creating the finished chocolate bar.

Next we made a chocolate cake! You can find the recipe here on theStoriedRecipe.com. I highly recommend reading the story and listening to the podcast.

The only change we made was adding 1/2 cup of mini semi sweet chocolate chips- because why not? 🙂

This chocolate cake is moist and delicious without being overly sweet. I really enjoyed it, especially with a cup of tea 🙂

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