Nigeria: Plantains

Plantains- what are they? Are they bananas? not exactly.

Plantains are the starchy larger cousin of a banana and they are a staple in Nigerian cuisine. Because of their increase in starch they can withstand significantly more manipulation in cooking. You can boil, bake, mash and fry plantains into several different types of dishes, as a compliment within a dish or as the main attraction.

We opted for a simple recipe that highlights the plantain, fried plantains or Dodo.

Fried Plantains

You can find the original recipe as well as a wealth of plantain knowledge at

All I ever see at our grocery store are green plantains and so I didn’t know that yellow brown ones exist, well they do! And they have a sweeter taste than then green ones- kind of like bananas. There is a debate as to whether green or yellow/brown plantains are better. I opted to follow Dash of Jazz’s advice and ripened our green plantains before cooking them.

Here is a side by side comparison of bananas on the right and plantains on the left.

They were delicious and super easy to make! Martin did the cutting and I did the frying 🙂

I love when we can get a taste, or experience a country half way around the world with a few simple ingredients and time. Despite this being a simple recipe it was so cool to finally try plantains the way Nigerians enjoy them!

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