Kid’s Shows: China and DR of Congo

I am all about hands on learning and experiences- if we can do it ourselves and learn about it that way, then why do anything else?

Sometimes, however, people who are experts in their field create something that is too good to pass up. Disney, PBS kids and others have created very educational and entertaining programs. So when it’s okay to have some screen time, these are some awesome options that teach kids about 2 different animals one from China and one from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

China: The Wild Kratts

China is the fourth largest country in the world and is home to the largest population with around 1.4 billion people calling China home. It is also the home of bamboo forests and the giant panda. Pandas are known for their black and white fur and their interesting diet of almost only bamboo.

One of the best ways to introduce new things to young children is by integrating it into their daily routine. Martin is allowed to watch an educational show around lunch time, so we watched a great show all about pandas and their super creature powers!

The Wild Kratts is a show all about animals and the amazing things they can do- you can find it on the PBS kids app for free, you can also watch the whole episode on YouTube. We had a lot of fun learning about pandas and their strength as well as how they need to eat all the time! Seriously, Pandas need to eat between 24 and 86 POUNDS of bamboo A DAY! That, is a lot of bamboo.

Democratic Republic of Congo: The Lion Guard

Check out this fantastic animal! I would like for you to meet the okapi. The okapi is in the giraffe family though they are not nearly as tall as their cousins, though they are known as ‘forest giraffes’. They have incredibly long tongues, so long in fact that they can clean their eyes and ears with their tongue! Amazingly there are less than 30,000 left in the wild and every single one of them lives in the DRC.

I am a big fan of finding books that go with whatever we are learning but sometimes a show presents itself and it’s too good to pass up. On Disney Channel or Disney+ there is a show called “The Lion Guard” and there is an episode where they meet a new friend who is an excellent hider, an okapi named Ajabu.

After watching the episode we colored our own pictures of an okapi. You can download the picture for yourself below, it is from a wonderful free website called and I encourage you to check them out!

Fun fact: The largest export from the Congo is actually music. They are known as the music capitol of Africa- mighty high praise if you ask me! So we listened to some Congolese music while we colored 🙂

The music is amazing and I really enjoyed listening to it, but I learned very quickly that the music videos were not all appropriate for young eyes. So I put on a random youtube playlist/ compilation that I found of modern Congolese music, flipped my phone upside down and we set to color!

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