Sudan: فاتحة

This week, we are in Africa just south of Egypt in the country of Sudan! Home to the ancient Nubian civilization Sudan has more in common with Egypt than any of its other neighboring countries. Despite the famous pyramids in Giza there are more pyramids in Sudan, over 200 recorded!

Sudan is located next to the Red Sea and the Nile River runs north to south through the country- so unsurprisingly Sudan is a natural bridge between Africa and the Middle East.

The Flag

The flag of Sudan is made up of three stripes red, black and white, with a green triangle at the front. The red represents the struggle for independence, the white for its’ people and hope, the black represents Sudan. In Arabic “Sudan” means “land of the black people” and finally the green represents Islam and the country’s prosperity.

To make this flag start by folding the flag in thirds horizontally, then add a tape V for the green section.

Paint the top red and the bottom black leaving the middle white.

Once dry, remove the tape and re-tape it, then paint the triangle portion green.

There you have it! The flag of Sudan 🙂

Bible Activity

With it’s geographical position between Africa and the Middle East it is not surprising that different moments from the Bible happened in Sudan. One such moment is when the Ethiopian Eunuch is baptized by Phillip.

If you are unfamiliar with this story it is found in Acts 8:26-40. Phillip (one the 12 apostles who followed Jesus) is told by an angel to go to the road from Jerusalem to Gaza and there he see’s an Ethiopian Eunuch riding in a chariot and reading Isaiah 53. These verses specifically prophecy or predict the death and resurrection of Jesus. So Phillip asks him if he understands what he is reading and he says that he does not. So Phillip joins him and explains the text or helps fill in the missing blanks that he doesn’t understand. Soon they pass some water and the Eunuch asks to be baptized and Phillip baptizes him right there since he accepted the truth of the Gospel and became a follower or disciple of Jesus Christ.

  • It is important to note that “Ethiopian” in Greek meant black skinned- this eunuch was really from the kingdom of Kush with is now modern day Sudan.
  • When teaching this story to children you can leave out that he was a eunuch- a concept that is hard to teach to littles. He was in fact the treasurer of the Queen or ‘royal woman’ of Kush. So he was very important and the fact that he was a eunuch does not effect or change the weight of the story

Phillip and the Ethiopian Man Activity

You will need…

  • Large paper
  • small cut pieces of paper
  • pen
  • optional: laundry basket, stuffed animal, and a blue blanket

Start by writing these words on the separate pieces of paper:

Then write these sentences on a larger piece with the blanks drawn in:
______ ______ you! And ______ to be ______ ______ _______

If they can read stop here, but Martin can’t so I added numbers on the backs of the paper strips that correspond with numbers in the blanks

After telling the story of Phillip on the road and meeting the Ethiopian man you can present them with this puzzle.

Phillip helped the Ethiopian man fill in the blanks, just like they can here- read the completed sentences together.

Optional: To take this to the next level you can use a laundry basket as a chariot with a stuffed animal as the Ethiopian man, next hide the strips around the room, and the kids can be Phillip as they help fill in the blanks by finding the hidden strips. Once the sentences are complete, kids can pretend to stop at the blue blanket and baptize the stuffed animal, just like Phillip did.

Bottom line? Jesus loves you and wants to be your friend forever!

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