Sudan: كمأ حلوى السمسم

Halawa means dessert and simsim means sesame- traditionally halawa simsim are sesame candies but instead we are making truffles with sesame as the star! These treats are enjoyed all over Sudan and this version gives you a taste of halawa simsim without having to mess around with molten hot sugar.

The original recipe can be found at With beautiful photos and fantastic insight into what halva is, this site has all the good stuff.

This recipe has 3 ingredients- powdered milk, powdered sugar and tahini.

Tahini is sesame paste, it looks like peanut butter on a hot day but is nut free! You form them into balls then dip them in chocolate or roll them in sesame seeds.

We love sesame seeds in our house so I wasn’t surprised when these were a hit but I’ll be honest these blew my mind! My husband and I fought over the last one it was that good.

Reese’s peanut butter cups were my favorite candy for years but since Martin was diagnosed with a severe nut allergy I haven’t had one in a long time. These truffles satisfied my peanut butter cup craving and to be honest I think these are tastier.

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