Blocks: DR of Congo and China

Blocks are one of the most versatile toys many have in their home. You can use them to teach all sorts of things but specifically what it takes to build. We used our blocks to build a wall and to cross a river and used our imaginations to explore!

DR of Congo

Congo River Imaginative Play

To help Martin understand the size of this mighty river I gave him a challenge!

You will need…

  • large sheet or blanket for the river
  • blocks
  • smaller toy of any variety

Place the sheet on the floor and explain it is a river with fast moving water. Their toy needs to get across the river. How can they do it? a boat? a bridge? swim?

Encourage them to try different things and let their imaginations fly! We even made a pillow boat and ‘went down the river’ ourselves.


The Great Wall of China Imaginative Play

One of the ancient wonders of the world is the Great Wall of China! It is more than 2,300 years old and spans 13,170.7 miles. It is not one continuous wall but rather a series of wall sections married with rivers and mountains. Originally built for defense, the wall grew and grew with each new dynasty adding to it it’s length and fortification.

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Fun facts:

  • Despite popular belief, you can not see the wall from space with the naked unaided eye.
  • During the Qin dynasty (221-206 B.C.) they used glutinous rice flour to bind the bricks together.
  • The Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world and the biggest.
  • Almost 1/3 of the wall has disappeared without a trace.
  • In 1987 it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Martin and I decided to build our own great wall! We took his blocks and did our best to create a structure than covered the full span of our living room. We worked for a while and ran out of blocks far faster than I expected. We reassessed and changed our design and stretched them a bit further. In the end we made it about 2/3 across the room- it was really fun seeing him design and rework his plan when the goal was a long wall and not a tall tower (our usual structure).

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2 thoughts on “Blocks: DR of Congo and China

  1. Did you know, that the ‘great wall’, may not have been a wall at all? Rather a road for the elite in the empire to safely travel from one side to the other. Something to ponder over!

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