Recipes: Revisit Japan

In November we went to Japan- not literally but from home. We learned all about Anime and video games, earthquakes and the beautiful cherry blossom tree, as well as some tasty food. From Ramen to homemade mochi we ate well while learning about Japan!

There is one treat that I’ve always wanted to try to make Pocky. Pocky are stick shaped cookies dipped in chocolate- I mean whats not to love! There is also a fun game to play with your love- think lady and the tramp spaghetti scene but instead of pasta its pocky ❤️


I followed a recipe from

It is very easy to make, simply put all the dry ingredients in a food processor, bring the dough together with some water and chill.

Roll it out and cut it into sticks and bake 🙂

We dipped ours in vanilla candy coating (because its all we had) but you can dip these in any flavor chocolate and toppings you want! I’d love to try some ruby chocolate and crushed up freeze dried strawberries yum!

These were addictive and so easy to make!

For more cookie recipes check out our favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and a cool trick for making stained-glass gingerbread.

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