Tanzania: Utangulizi

After taking a short break from new countries we are kicking things off in Southeastern Africa in Tanzania!

With some of the most beautiful, natural wildlife in the world it’s no wonder that 30% of the country consists of national parks. From the 1,000 year old baobab trees, to the crystal Indian Ocean, from the highest mountain in Africa to the second largest lake in the world it’s no wonder Tanzania is so special.

Officially known as the United Republic of Tanzania or as it is known in Swahili: Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania. They became a sovereign state in 1964 when Tanganyika and Zanzibar joined together to create modern day Tanzania.


The Tanzanian flag consists of blue, green, yellow and black.

On a diagonal, paint half green and the other half blue. The center stripe is black with yellow on either side.

There you have it the flag of Tanzania!

Mt Kilimanjaro Art Project

The tallest mountain in Africa can be found in Northern Tanzania. So, I wanted to do an art project with Martin but lets just say this art project didn’t go entirely to plan. The general idea is you draw a picture with craft glue, in our case Mt Kilimanjaro. Then your artist takes watercolors and paints the picture with blue in the sky, maybe brown on the mountain and green on ground- with some sense of coloring in a coloring page. The glue will resist the watercolor and it creates a very cool effect. Well…. Martin was feeling rather Jackson Pollack-y and did his own thing 🙂

So all that said, here is how to make it…

You will need

  • watercolor paper
  • watercolors
  • craft glue that dries clear

Start by drawing a picture of Mt Kilimanjaro with craft glue on the paper, let it dry.

Once dry let your artist watercolor in the sky, mountain, ground and anything else you added. Or just paint 🙂

For another art project with ‘invisible’ elements and watercolor, check out our trip to Papua New Guinea.

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