Mauritania: الصيد وعين الصحراء

Mauritania is unique in that it is a coastal country that is also part of the Sahara desert. However, unlike the rest of the Sahara, Mauritania is home to the Richat Structure also known as the Eye of the Sahara. It is a geological feature so large, that it can be seen from space. It has become a landmark for shuttle crews in space as it looks like a giant bullseye in the middle of the desert.

Eye of the Sahara Craft

The Eye was made by millions of years of erosion, we made ours with markers and a Lazy Susan.

You will need…

  • a Lazy Susan or other spinning plate
  • white paper
  • markers

Start by cutting your paper into circles and covering your Lazy Susan if you do not want it to get marked 🙂

Tape the circle down to keep it in place, then hold a marker upright in the center of the paper. Spin the plate, as it spins slowly move the marker to the outside of the paper circle.

Repeat with other colors, at different speeds until you have filled your circle with ‘spirals’.

Martin and Emily both had tons of fun even if their Eye’s are a bit more squiggly.

Fishing Imaginative Play

The Western side of Mauritania is on the Atlantic Ocean and fishing makes up 16% of their major exports overall as a country. Industrial fishing operations are typically done with large nets, where as a single person fishing uses a fishing pole. We took some fish (mega blocks) and put them in the ocean (living room floor). I had Martin cast out his fishing net (a blanket) from his boat (the couch) which we gathered his fish up in and he hauled them into his boat.

We talked about all the fish he caught and how fast he did it. Now we switched gears and the blanket became the water, the sofa became a dock and we pulled one of our bath toys into the living room- a fishing rod and magnetic fish.

He had a lot of fun fishing and naturally a storm blew in and his boat almost sank but in the end he saved his fish and his boat- I love imaginative play 🙂

For more imaginative play check out our trips to Mongolia and India!

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