Saudi Arabia: المقدمة

We are off to the middle east to Saudi Arabia! As the birthplace of Islam, this country is a holy place for all Muslims. Established as an absolute monarchy in 1932, Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world to be named after a person, King Ibn Saud.

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world without a river. 95% of the country is classified as either desert or semi-desert. They get their drinking water from underground reservoirs as well as some plants. Oddly enough they have to import two rather unique items from Australia, one they have an abundance of the wrong kind and the other they just need more- sand and camels. Saudi Arabia is home to the largest sand desert in the world but the sand can not be used to make glass or other forms of construction so they have to import it.


The flag of Saudi Arabia is stunning but very hard to make, mainly because the center is filled with gorgeous Arabic calligraphy. I can not read or write Arabic, so it was challenging. I had Martin paint the whole flag green, then I free handed the lettering and the sword in white. The words are the Islamic creed or shahada, “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”.


Camels are essential to life in Saudi Arabia, mainly for their meat and milk. Camels are also used in racing, they are not however, used for transportation any more since there are quicker, more efficient options available.

To start things off I showed Martin this video with 10 fun facts all about camels.

Next, came some imaginative play! We have some stuffed camels and we raced them around the room. Even though they are not used for transportation much anymore, we still pretended like I was a camel and Martin rode on my back. We had a lot of fun for sure. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what all we will learn this week as we ‘visit’ Saudi Arabia!

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