Indonesia: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

This week we are leaving Africa and heading off to Southeast Asia and Oceania to Indonesia! Situated between the Pacific and Indian Oceans this collection of over seventeen thousand islands if officially known as the Republic of Indonesia.

Located in the “Pacific Rim of Fire”, Indonesia has 150 volcanos and is the hottest spot on the rim of fire. Home to some of the most sunning beaches in the world as well as over 100 endangered animals- it’s no wonder Indonesia is synonymous with natural beauty.

Indonesian Flag

This flag is simple and very easy to make!

You will need…

1 piece of thick paper
Red paint

Fold your paper in half long ways. Paint the top half red and you’re all done.

Batik Fabric Craft

Batik is a wax-resist method of dyeing fabric that is traditional in Indonesia and specifically Java. The patterns are intricate, geometric, and it is a true art form especially in Indonesia.

To make your own batik you will need…

  • Fabric
  • blue craft glue
  • acrylic paint

Start by creating designs on the fabric with the glue. It is important to note white/ clear glue WILL NOT WORK- it has to be blue, we used blue with glitter and it worked fine.

Allow the glue to dry completely, overnight or a few days if you used a lot of glue.

Now to paint! Add a little water to some acrylic paint and go to town. You can splatter, brush with a foam brush or even pour it on. The goal is to cover the glue and ideally the whole piece of fabric.

Allow that to dry completely.

Next, fill a bucket or sink with hot water and allow the fabric to soak for about an hour- this will loosen the glue. Using a brush or by rubbing the fabric together work to remove the glue from the fabric. If it doesn’t come off, soak it longer and make sure your water is hot.

Once the glue is removed allow it to dry again.

There you have it! With glue and watered down paints you too can make Indonesian batik!

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