Chad: مقدمة

We are heading back to Africa, this time to the Northern landlocked nation of Chad. Officially known as the Republic of Chad, they are surrounded by Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger. One third of Chad is located in the Sahara Desert and the country gets it’s name from Lake Chad.

Lake Chad used to be the largest lake in the world covering over 150,000 square miles, today it only covers 521 square miles. It shrank by 95% between the mid 60s and the late 90s. The lake may not be the natural wonder that it once was but it is still a source of national pride and essential to life. One of the reasons the lake is shrinking is due to the growing population depending on it for drinking water, that mixed with climate change and a lack of rain fall is leading to the lake’s demise.

The Flag

The flag is made up of three columns in Blue, Gold and Red. Blue for the sky and hope, Gold for the desert and sun, and finally Red represents the bloodshed during their fight for independence.

My 2 year old painted this one 🙂

Simply fold the paper in thirds and only expose the part you are painting, wait for it to dry and repeat.

Fun fact: Any chance this flag looks familiar? It is almost identical to the Romanian Flag! The colors are slightly different shades, check out on our trip to Romania 🙂


Amongst others, goats are a vital resource in Chad. They are kept for their milk and subsequent cheese, as well as for their meat.

To bring this concept home to the kids the littlest one and I did some painting and then we all tried some goats cheese!

Goats LOVE to eat grass, so we made a lovely home for our goat sticker to live in.

You will need…

  • paint paper
  • green paint
  • little fingers
  • a goat sticker or cut out

E and I talked about what goats like to eat, and that the grass is on the bottom where as the sky is at the top. I put some paint on the bottom of the page and she went to town!

Once the painting was dry we added our goat sticker 🙂

We had a lot of fun learning about goats and Lake Chad, for more animal fun check out our trip to New Zealand!

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